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Amaron Battery Dealer in Thrissur

We at Buff Power is the Amaron battery dealer in Thrissur. We have the complete range of 2 wheeler (bike, scooter) and 4 wheeler batteries of Amaron with us.

About Amaron Battery

Amaron is from Amara Raja.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc., USA, is the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region. They offer the discerning Indian customer an extensive range of India’s most powerful zero-maintenance batteries. Their fully integrated world-class manufacturing facility is situated in the holy city of Tirupati, in Andhra Pradesh, India. Amaron batteries incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of captive power and are on par with batteries manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world

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