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Mahindra Powerol Home UPS

Mahindra Powerol Home UPS

Mahindra Powerol Home UPS is designed and developed using state – of – art Microcontroller & Digital Signal processing Based technology. Mahindra Powerol Home UPS set has been designed as a complete package to provide superior performance and reliability. It is compact and lighter than any other UPS in its class. It is ergonomically designed to give best operating environment for critical components to offer ultimate reliability with good aesthetics.

Mahindra Poweol High Speed HUPS

DSP based sine wave UPS- Digital Signal processing technology produces “Perfect sine wave” output which ensures quality electricity supply similar to AC mains, protects accessories and maintains actual life of accessories.

Three time faster- It is faster in terms of switching frequency of internal MOSFET used & sensing time. Other UPS are microcontroller based and this is DSP (Digital Signal Processing) based which switch the MOSFET at 20Khz frequency (compared to Square@50Hz & other sine wave @6-7KHz) gives a noise less operation as human ear is not sensible to this frequency. Also the sensing speed of faults like short circuit, low battery, over load is faster.

LED indication of DC fuse trip- This indicator helps in identifying if charging system fails due to DC fuse burnt.

LCD display for all parameter- Information related to mains mode and backup mode displayed like AC voltage, Battery charge status, % Load, short circuit if any etc.

User friendly- Front fascia operating switch will help easy to operate.

Overload Protection- Display overload trip protection, UPS will reset and try for 6 attempts automatically and if overload continue then shut-down completely and restart with main switch.

Low battery alarm & protection- Display battery low with audio alarm. Display battery low trip protection, UPS will reset and try for 3 attempts automatically and finally shutdown the UPS.

Short circuit protection- Display short circuit trip protection with alarm, to overcome remove short circuit and reset the UPS.

Vacation Mode- If there is No load in battery mode for more than 8 hours then HUPS will automatically will shut down to avoid deep discharge of battery.

Available in 3 models – 600/650VA, 800/850VA and 1400VA.

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